A Easy way to build UEC-style tarball from exist instance

There's a easy way to build UEC tarball for me
From an exist Ubuntu instance......
!!Still in test!!
Very smooth in Maverick , but failed with Natty server b64

===In instance==
1. source novarc to import environment variable  

2. bundle a virtual disk, don't specify the kernel id 
#euca-bundle-vol -d  destination_of_img -p name_of_image -s img_size 

==Copy the imag to anywhere you want==
3. un-tar the original UEC-tarball of the instnace , we need
  • floppy
  • loader
  • vmlinuz-virtual
  • README.files
4. Change the name of the those files in the above. For uec-publish-tarball prefix . There's a example
Assume the image based on Ubuntu Maverick Server b64  and named as , name with amd64 will help uec-publish-tarball to guess the image architecture
  • ILoveUbuntu-amd64.img
Rename files


5. Make UEC-style tarball file

#tar zcv -f ILoveUbuntu-amd64.tar.gz *

Done....it's time to upload image into Glance with uec-publish-tarball ILoveUbuntu-amd64.tar.gz

cloud-init-nonet waiting 60 seconds for a network device.
remove the network device before bundle image in /etc/udev/


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