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Lost connection of instances after reboot Nova-Network host......

The network connection of instance has been lost after restart Nova-Network host

In my consideration , all services should not affect others while restart/stop service within cloud platform...

That means instances connection should be alive while admin restart nova-network host , but it won't work as your expectation. I faced this issue one month ago. And I spend around 1 hour to understand what's going on with this problem.

In regular nova deployment , nova-network host is the gateway of all instances.  This Linux network box works like a router.  So that has a ARP table over the box.

In my test , if the flat_interface(or vlan_interface)  do not auto up after reboot , the box will lose ARP table. And you can not ping or ssh  instance anymore.  While you up the nic manually , you have to wait for ARP rebuild .

OpenStack turns 1. What’s next?

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OpenStack, the open-source, cloud-computing software project founded by Rackspace and NASA, celebrates its first birthday tomorrow. It has been a busy year for the project, which appears to have grown much fas ter than even its founders expected it would. A year in, OpenStack is still picking up steam and looks not only like an open source alternative to Amazon Web Services and VMware vCloud in the public Infrastructure as a Service space, but also a democratizing force in the private-cloud software space. Let’s take a look at what happened in the past year — at least what we covered — and what to expect in the year to come.

A Easy way to build UEC-style tarball from exist instance

There's a easy way to build UEC tarball for me
From an exist Ubuntu instance......
!!Still in test!!
Very smooth in Maverick , but failed with Natty server b64
===In instance== 1.source novarc to import environment variable
2.bundle a virtual disk, don't specify the kernel id #euca-bundle-vol -d destination_of_img -p name_of_image -s img_size

I'm in IRC@ freenode #openstack #openstack-dev

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Build WinXP image into NOVA

The method to bundle WinXP image 

Refference[CSS group] Image management

I'm using WinXP b32 Eng.

On a linux host and kvm is installed inside this machine , Actually , you can use nova-compute node

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nova-manage network create in trunk r1245 in my test

The network range is not big enough to fit 256. Network size is 256
Command failed, please check log for more info

As Vish mentioned in the above QA link .

Due to the multi_nic feature support , network creating has some changes .

You have to add a "label" in cmd

Older version
#nova-manage network create 1 256
Trunk(r1245 for me)
#nova-manage network create label_flag 1 256

In my knowing , label could be "public" or "private" currently.
Not sure the difference of labels, still seeking more info about this change .
I'll appreciate any further info from you.


The most powerful one of those three network modes in Nova

Let's have a look at VlanManager
Support VPN End user could access their own project instances with VPN feature. Through a cloud-pipe instance which is a simple image include OPENVPN. It make user manage instance easier without lots of public ip.
Isolation Vlan netwotk Per project/Per Vlan , a bunch of instance within a project will not communicate with other project instance.
1. enable Vlan support in kernel root@nova:~# dmesg | grep -i 802 [ 8.346579] 802.1Q VLAN Support v1.8 Ben Greear
If the vlan folder exist , means your kernel support Vlan
root@nova:~# ls -l /proc/net/vlan total 0 -rw------- 1 root root 0 2011-07-05 21:57 config
root@nova:~# modprobe -v 8021q root@nova:~# lsmod | grep 8021q 8021q 24326 0 garp 14471 1 8021q