OpenStack Physical to Virtual [P2V] with glance

Migrate physical server into Openstack Nova

There's lot of approaches for converting physical into cloud

1. Server is linux distro.
2. The hypervisor is KVM in Openstack
3. Don't need cloud-init to initialize the image
4. Openstack Glance is been ran on you openstack

1. Using Clonezilla to pack your server into a image. or you can make a iso install image through clonezilla.
2. Run up kvm 
    I. boot from clonezilla live iso. and set a volume(storage) to this instance.
   II. restore the image which you made on step1 into that volume.

3.glance add name=<test>  <image_name>

4. Check the image , you can use nova list / euca-describe-images / glance index / glance details , whatever 

5. Using euca-run-instance to start up the image. no need key , bcz this image will not get metadata from nova-api server.
ex: euca-run-instance   <ami_id>

6. ssh into instance . plz use exist account access the instance.


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