Thinking about the possibility of these map......

How to implement [still thinking]
I hope someone can discuss with me .... there're two diagrams

Note Public network==Corporate network

My purpose 
goal1- Access instance from public network cloud users.
goal2- Using euca2ools to control openstack from cloud users host , so that API server should direct 
              connect public network.
goal3- To avoid connection block of instance. In regular way , instance route from nova-network host.
              Once nova-network dead , users will lose connection to instance.
goal4- High availability of all services , especially nova-api & nova-network.
goal5- Monitor NOVA hosts and instances.
goal6- Fast deployment


Instance vnet nics bridge to gray network , direct connect to public network. In same network with cloud users , do not cross any gateway. But in my test , instance failed to get correct metadata from api server. Error Code: 404 not found . I have no idea now.
And another problem is two DHCP servers in public network.
If nova-network fail to work , instances still accessible . This is the best one now. Hope  that has opportunity to figure out above issues.


  • In this topology , I'm confusing about " which network should be flat_network for NOVA?  " 
  • How to assign EC2 url ? 
  • Is there any network collision ?


Due to our purpose that instance should be accessible anytime , I'm thinking about HA of Nova-network hosts.
But there's some bottleneck , the gateway of instance must on nova-network at boot up section for fetching metadata from API server . Nova-network redirects request to Nova-api server. 
How could I control instance to route from two or more nova-network hosts?   Regular HA solution?

I'll appreciate your suggestions!!!
Plz message for any idea.


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