Several Topologies


1-3 is been tested 

1. Single Node , Network Combine with our corporate network

All nova-component in one host , and the instance network is same as corporate network.

Machine NICs Networks
 1 1 or 21 or 2

2.Multi Compute nodes
Two major parts , one host include most of services with a nova-compute cluster

Machine NICs Networks
 1 controller  2 or 31 to 3
 many compute nodes 1 or 21 or 2

3.Multiple servers

  • All traffic through nova-network host

Nova-network2 or 32 or 3
Compute nodes11 or 2

  • Instance traffic through nova-network , but API service direct connect from corporate network

    Nova-network2 or 32 or 3
    Nova-API21 or 2
    Compute nodes11 or 2
4. Production

This Topology has a problem , once nova-network dead , All trafic will lost. But it's interesting , I guess instance will be fine while nova-network restart.
I want to figure out a method of instance's gateway....
If we add a way to use router instead of nova-network host as gateway, it will be better .
But instance can not get metadata from api-server which is another problem.


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