My thinking of Nova-network HA

There's simple map in my mind

Note: I forgot to draw a VIP for nova-network hosts public Virtual IP

Two network nodes for OPENSTACK.
The HA solution for nova-network , I focus on a direction of "Router HA".
I found VRRP & GLBP protocols.
But GLBP is private protocol of CISCO......

Three VRRP in nova-network ....

NIC0172.16.1.1172.16.1.3172.16.1.2Public Net
NIC110. Net
NIC2192.168.1.1192.168.1.3192.168.1.2Mgm Net
NIC1 VRRP for instance network
NIC2 VRRP for Mgm network
NIC0 VRRP for Public network

In normal situation , node1 handle instance traffic , and node2 handle Mgm network

A working flow of running a instance
[API]----->[RabbitMQ]------>[node2 query rabbitMQ]------>[scheduler]------>[compute node]------>[instance DHCP request from node1]------>[instance get metadata from node1 redirect to API server].

1. Could I set same hostname for two network-nodes? bcz nova check hostname for component's job.

Btw, I'm awaiting for new release of OPENSTACK NOVA. In Diablo release , Compute node will redirect to API server , instead of from nova-network(instance's gateway). If instance can route from a real router will be better . But I think the problem is how to assign public ip for instance is another course. In my consideration, that will be very hard to handle floating_ip.

OR another choice is figure a better HA for nova-network. But it's a role as router in NOVA. That's a technical challenge . In my research , GLBP is a good protocol .


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