Manage OpenStack with HybridFox

HybridFox support OpenStack now


 1.6 supports Openstack as well. But with pinch of salt.
1.6 Download Now



You can install the extension from The latest version (at the time of writing) is hybridfox-1.6.000040.xpi.


Define a Region

Click on Regions button
Enter a logical name for the region (Example: "NOVA etc.)
Enter the value of EC2_URL from your eucarc file as the Endpoint URL( in our sample setup)

Define Credentials

Click on Credentials button
Enter a logical name for the credential set (Example: “Nova1? etc.)
Enter EC2_ACCESS_KEY and EC2_SECRET_KEY from your novarc file as the AWS Access Key and AWS Secret Access Key respectively
Define Key Pairs
Click on KeyPairs tab
Click on “Create a ney keypair” icon
Enter a name for the key pair (Example: “nova” etc.)
Choose location on the client machine to save the id file to (You will need this to use with putty etc. to make an SSH connection)

Define Security Groups

Click on SecurityGroups tab
Enter a name for the group (Example: “nova”, “novaG” etc.)
Enter the description and click on create button
You will have an option to specify some basic ports like SSH/RDP to be opened up while creating the group itself. After the group is created, you can add rules any time by choosing the security group in the left pane titled “Your groups” and adding rules in the right pane titled “Group Permissions”


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