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在OpenStack 中的Swift project 去年底還無法將virtual machine image 提供給  NOVA來使用,當時很疑惑難道永遠都要使用NFS mount objectstore 的images 目錄給compute node ???由於這個因素也得知Glance這個計畫,終於正式release出來。目前將著手進行Glance與NOVA Cactus Release 的測試,那到底Glance有什麼用處呢? 難道僅僅只是提供image 給compute node ???我想一定不只如此,否則也不用大費周章獨立成為一個project了。 Let's take a look....

OpenStack Image Service (code-named Glance) provides discovery, registration, and delivery services for virtual disk images. The Image Service API server provides a standard REST interface for querying information about virtual disk images stored in a variety of back-end stores, including OpenStack Object Storage. Clients can register new virtual disk images with the Image Service, query for information on publicly available disk images, and use the Image Service's client library for streaming virtual disk images。
Glance 提供探查/註冊/傳遞 虛擬磁碟影像,在這個說明中探查讓我有一點不太理解。Image Service 的API server 提供REST標準介面作為查詢儲存在各種後端儲存設備的虛擬磁碟影像,包含OpenStack的ObjectStore. Client端可以利用Image Service註冊影像,查詢公開的磁碟影像,這點就像是Amazon上使用各種公開的AMI一樣,利用client端的library串流虛擬磁碟影像。
A multi-format image registry, OpenStack Image Service allows uploads of private and public images in a variety of formats, including:
多種影像註冊,OpenStack Image Service 允許上傳多種格式私人與公開的影像,包含:
  • Raw
  • Machine (kernel/ramdisk outside of image, a.k.a. AMI)
  • VHD (Hyper-V)
  • VDI (VirtualBox)
  • qcow2 (Qemu/KVM)
  • VMDK (VMWare)
  • OVF (VMWare, others)


Current Release

OpenStack Image Service - Cactus Release
Released April 15, 2011. Release Notes
Documentation: Online Manuals

Next Milestone

OpenStack Image Service "Diablo" planned for Q3 2011.
Developer editions of Compute are available on the OpenStack Launchpad.

Popular Use Cases

  • Service providers offering an IaaS virtual machine image registry
  • Enterprises creating a low cost DR/BCP platform to backup their virtual server images
  • ISVs offering pre-configured optimized images of their software
  • 服務供應商提供IaaS 虛擬機器影像註冊
  • 企業建立低成本災難復原/輩分還原平台來輩分虛擬伺服器的映像
  • 獨立軟件開發商用以儲存整合自有軟體的映像

Key Features

  • Configured to use standard command line and configuration option processing, making use of paste.deploy configuration
  • 設定使用標準指令與設定選項程序,利用用paste.deploy 設定
  • Registry database is under version control, with migration files allowing upgrade and downgrade of the registry database.
  • 在版本控制器註冊資料庫,讓移植的檔案在資料庫內升級與降級
  • Versatile combination of "disk format" and "container format" fields, allowing more than just EC2-style image formats to be stored in the registry
  • 整合多種disk format 與container format ,允許EC2-Style之外的映像儲存在註冊清單內
  • New command line tool that allows user to interact with Image Service -- add and update images and image attributes, see public images, delete images, etc.
  • 新的指令工具允許使用這與image service 互動,增加/更新/映像屬性,瀏覽公開映像,刪除等等
  • Support for checksumming images added to the server to verify image integrity
  • 支援映像驗證,確定映像的可用性
  • Extensive logging functionality to both the API and Registry servers, including the ability to configure logging separately from other options using Python's standard logging module configuration files
  • 具彈性的API與註冊伺服器記錄功能,包含利用Python標準記錄模組的設定檔來設定其他選項的分別記錄能力
  • A functional test suite that starts and stops actual Glance servers and executes commands against those servers from the new command line client as well as a cURL client
  • 功能測試套件,透過新的指令與客戶端的curl來執行給那些伺服器的命令


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