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耶魯大學 2000年畢業典禮 來賓(Larry Ellison)致詞 這是甲骨文(Oracle)公司總裁賴瑞艾利森(Larry Ellison)在耶魯大學(Yale University)對畢業生所作的演講全文,由於他句句驚人,最後被耶魯大學保安請下講臺。

Internal test driver production

OPENSTACK IaaS platform test driver production now... Only for linux developer now..    Never mind the logo just for fun :)

The way to delete a network in NOVA

HowTo Delete a Network in OpenStack NOVA There has two ways to reach you desire. 1. To empty [networks] & [fixed_ips] tables in NOVA database . This is violent method. 2. Through nova-manage cmd , network should be disassociated before delete #nova-manage project scrub <project> #nova-manage network delete <CIRD>

OpenStack Manage User 使用者管理

Manage user   (WebGUI ++) There're still lack of docs about RBAC. (Role Based Access Control) And not very clear about each Role NOVA 透過RBAC機制來管理使用者身分,老實說文件的確交代的不是很清楚,也有一些詭異的行為

OpenStack Cactus Webinar Recording Available

Webinar Recording Available The Cactus Webinar on Thursday, April 21 at 4 pm EST recording is available: This webinar covered the new features implemented in the OpenStack Cactus release. Presenting these features will be the new Project Team Leads for Glance, Swift, and Nova.

Implement instance VNC console on Google Chrome


lsof 必備Linux 網管工具之一

lsof root使用者才能lsof命令,一般使用者可以看見/usr/sbin/lsof命令,但是一般使用者會顯示“permission denied” 彙整lsof指令的用法:

Implement Glance Image service

How to config Glance image service for NOVA Glance ships with an example configuration file, in its source directory /etc/glance. conf.sample. Feel free to take a look at the settable options there. Glance uses the Filesystem storage backend by default, and by default, this storage backend writes new images to /var/lib/ glance/ images. You should either create that directory and ensure the user running Glance has write permissions on that directory, or change the filesystem_ store_datadir configuration value to a directory that is writeable.

Check VNC port

You can check VNC port of each instance  Where <instance-0000001b> is that one you want to check. #lsof -i | grep $(ps aux | grep instance-0000001b | grep -v grep | awk '{ print$2 }') kvm       22284 libvirt-qemu   14u  IPv4  86219      0t0  TCP *:5902 (LISTEN)

Cactus Release Admin Content

OpenStack Compute Administration Manual Cactus Docs Release OpenStack Cactus Copyright © 2010, 2011 OpenStack LLC Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License. 2011-04-18

需要被修正的iptable table rules 在我的環境內

需要修正的rules 這條rule代表 的出口是哪裡,應該是外部IP的介面才是正確,手動更改或是在nova.conf的flag中設定 # iptables -t nat -D nova-network-snat -s -j SNAT --to-source # iptables -t nat -A nova-network-snat -s -j SNAT --to-source

OpenStack NOVA Cactus Release Features

Cactus Release 功能說明 2011.Q2 包含 Nova / Swift / Glance 三個 projects, 這篇中文說明將針對NOVA的部分

Glance Project

OpenStack Image Service 在OpenStack 中的Swift project 去年底還無法將virtual  machine  image 提供給  NOVA來使用,當時很疑惑難道永遠都要使用NFS mount objectstore 的images 目錄給compute node ???由於這個因素也得知Glance這個計畫,終於正式release出來。目前將著手進行Glance與NOVA Cactus Release 的測試,那到底Glance有什麼用處呢? 難道僅僅只是提供image 給compute node ???我想一定不只如此,否則也不用大費周章獨立成為一個project了。 Let's take a look....

OpenStack One Controller node & Multi Computer nodes ....deployment

安裝Openstack NOVA -- 已測試可用  目標: 1.單一機器跑所有服務 2.增加額外運算節點 3.使用Bexar release (已經算舊版本) 4.Hypervisor KVM 5.FlatDHCP network

OpenStack-Dashboard written by python-django works

OpenStack-Dashboard Code base has been moved to GitHub You can use a dashboard interface with an OpenStack Compute installation with a web-based console provided by the Openstack-Dashboard and Django-Nova projects. Together they provide a reference implementation of a Django site that provides web-based interactions with the OpenStack Compute cloud controller. For more information about the Django-Nova project, please visit: . These instructions are for a test deployment of an OpenStack Dashboard. They configure your dashboard to use a sqlite3 database and the default Django server. To create a more robust, production-ready installation, you would configure this with an Apache web server and MySQL/Postgres database.

Success to add Volume service and attach volume into instance

Attach device must be after /dev/vda  for example #euca-attach-volume -i  <instance> -d /dev/vd[b,c,d,e] <volume_ID>

This Topology works fine ......with bzr 984

Separate Nova-network into single box I'll write an instruction for this one later similar with on a different networks (compute box on a different network than corp, letting nova-network (with 2NICS) do the routing between instances and corp network)

OpenStack Chinese wiki ....coming soon

Thanks for Ben in Shanghai... 如果您有意願參予,請跟我聯繫 mail or facebook 台灣目前尚無 中文文件將置於china 包含繁體中文文件

Failed to get metadata from


Enable Multitasking Gestures on iPhone 4 開啟多點觸碰手勢

  基本上 用redsn0w JB之後 修改3個plist檔後重開機即可 Thanks to  南無觀世impreza  on Moblie01 Step 1 N90AP.plist in /System/Library/CoreServices/

iPhone4 iOS 4.3.1 untether JB 4.3.1 完美越獄

RedSnow 全 JB release 測試於 i-phone 4 16G From 4.2.1 upgrade to  4.3.1 參考文件