Which is the best Network Architecture of OpenStack

Draw a diagram which include 4 kinds of network architecture.

And I want to deploy multiple nodes manually or using deployment tool.

I am still not sure which kind of architecture is correct if I want to separate Nova-network & Nova-scheduler from All-in-one BOX.

Could someone help me to see this diagram , and give me some suggestions?

Any advice is good for me , plz feel free to correct my misunderstanding


At last I choose plan B as my topology, but I make a little bit changing.
I change the place of  Ubuntu1 and Ubuntu4.
Avoid all traffic from nova-api server.

Version : Bexar release
FlatManager mode

由於Bexar release 存在一個bug 造成nova-network 必須跟nova-compute 位於同一個host
所以改使用Trunk version, the latest one is "bzr925"


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