HowTo create VolumeGroup

Create VG for nova-volume

1.dd if=/dev/zero of=<you named a loopback device as your will> bs=<size ex.1G> count=<bs counts>

2.losetup -f --show <your loopback device file name>
3. apt-get -y install lvm2
4. vgcreate nova-volumes /dev/loopX

(if VG just using for nova-volume, you'r already finish it)


6. vgdisplay
(to make sure how many PE do I have)
7. lvcreate -L 1G -n test nova-volumes
8. ls /dev/nova*
(if there is a floder named nova-volumes , success!)

Remove the exist VolumeGroup

1.vgremove <VG_name>
(to verify it)


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