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Trunk version bzr925 several bugs......

First bugis

It's a known bug in bzr925 , I believe that will be fixed in next version.
nova-compute service 無法啟動
ANS: 在nova-compute host上安裝 python-suds

#apt-get install python-suds

Second problem is
nova-volume 無法啟動
Error log plz check the link

HowTo create VolumeGroup

Create VG for nova-volume
1.dd if=/dev/zero of=<you named a loopback device as your will> bs=<size ex.1G> count=<bs counts>


ssh -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no -t nii@ubuntu1 'sudo -u root sh -c "puppetd --verbose --test --server ubuntu4"'

HowTo SSH without password 免密碼

Using SSH without password 

OS: Ubuntu Maverick server

After searching several approach with goole.....
Yes, there'r lots of article that talk about this.
But still have some tricky points.

Which is the best Network Architecture of OpenStack

Draw a diagram which include 4 kinds of network architecture.

And I want to deploy multiple nodes manually or using deployment tool.

I am still not sure which kind of architecture is correct if I want to separate Nova-network & Nova-scheduler from All-in-one BOX.

Could someone help me to see this diagram , and give me some suggestions?

Any advice is good for me , plz feel free to correct my misunderstanding


At last I choose plan B as my topology, but I make a little bit changing.
I change the place of  Ubuntu1 and Ubuntu4.
Avoid all traffic from nova-api server.

Version : Bexar release
FlatManager mode

由於Bexar release 存在一個bug 造成nova-network 必須跟nova-compute 位於同一個host
所以改使用Trunk version, the latest one is "bzr925"

The Module

Component Diagram

Nova Flags && Flagfile

Flags and Flagfiles

Nova uses a configuration file containing flags located in /etc/nova/nova.conf.
You can get the most recent listing of avaialble flags by running nova-(servicename) –help, for example, nova-api –help.

I'll  try to explain flags usage later

Nova 計畫說明文件(still working)

  來自於NASA Ames Research Laboratory 的原始計畫 Nova 是一個IaaS系統主要的雲端運算結構控制器,個人與組織可透過Nova運用與管理私有雲端系統。

Dnsmasq 安裝與設定

Install & ConfigInstall dnsmasq (assume you r root)

Shell Script && and || 條件判斷式

簡單的條件判斷 最簡單的條件判斷是以 && 及 || 這二個符號來表示

Dnsmasq - manpage

NAMEdnsmasq - A lightweight DHCP and caching DNS server. 

X-Chat 2 for Win32

IRC(Internet Relay Chat的縮寫,「網際網路中繼聊天」)

Several params of Audio-Player

<param name="FlashVars" value="playerID=audioplayer1&

NTP correct TimeZone

Ubuntu 10.04-10.10 設定時區 dpkg-reconfigure tzdata # 將時區設回台灣

Running Mutiple Nodes

Running Multiple Nodes

Network Service

Goal 1: Add a first-class, customer-facing service for the management of network infrastructure within an OpenStack cloud. This will allow service providers to offer "Networking as a Service" (NaaS) to their customers.

Internet using i-Phone USB on Ubuntu

Ubuntu 使用 i-PhoneUSB &BT上網
Via USB: Tethering your iPhone via USB uses a iPhone Ethernet driver written by Diego Giagio. Paul McEnery has set up a PPA repository with the driver and it’s dependencies so there is no longer the need to compile both ‘libiphone’ and ‘ipheth’. The first step is to add the PPA repository to your Synaptic repositories. To do so, open a new Terminal window and execute the following command:

OpenStack : NOVA porject

What is OpenStack